From Capurganá to Sapzurro it’s only 10 minutes by boat but the two villages differ a lot; in Sapzurro you have no moto-taxis, less garbage, there are more friendly people and it has nicer sandy beaches!


Our accommodation, La gata negra, was also cool! We were welcomed by the Spanish couple Jordy and Ima, who run this place since September 2017. They have a beautiful open house, surrounded by a garden and jungle. Our cabana was simple but had everything we needed and the place has a super relaxed atmosphere! And last but not least, the Spanish food was delicious 😋

The weather was good on our first day in Sapzurro so we enjoyed the beautiful beaches and the sea. At night it rained a lot, but the next day it was dry again so we decided to hike to ‘La Miel’, which is a village/beach officially located in Panama! The hike was fun, but the beaches in Sapzurro were nicer. There was a tax free shop though so we were able to buy some rum for our San Blas trip 😊

Weather continued being good during the day and heavily raining at night. We read some books and relaxed and after 3 days we headed back to Capurgana for our briefing for the San Blas tour. We did some final shopping, took the boat back to Sapzurro for our last night there and we were ready for our San Blas adventure!

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