From Cartagena to Necoclí we had a long day ahead of us full of enjoyable bus hours. First we took a bus to Monteria, for about 5 hours. The ride was not our best; we got quite annoyed with the driver’s assistant who kept on throwing trash out of the window, and the bus stopped so many times to pick up people that our average speeds was reduced to ‘tranquiló’, which is basically driving backwards 😉
In Monteria we got on a minibus, which drove two hours straight without any delay to Necoclí. Way better!

When arriving in Necoclí we found out that there was an annual, two day festival going on: much people, lots of noice and full hotels. Luckily we already booked a room and with our earplugs in we slept for most of the night. Necoclí is just as the travel blogs and guides tell you: only spend the night there if you really have to.

The next morning the boat to Capurgana was leaving at 8 a.m. and while standing at the dock we were amazed again by the mess the people make here. A potential beautiful beach was covered in plastic.
The boat ride though was perfectly fine because the sea was calm and it took just two hours. After arriving on the (always) crowded dock at Capurgana we walked along the beach for about 15 minutes to our home for the upcoming week: Cabaña Tucan.
We were warmly welcomed by Marco and his wife Alicia, and their home was the perfect quiet getaway! We had a spacious room and got a delicious pasta carbonara upon arrival. We were lucky with the Italian background of Marco and Alicia and we got great food for the rest of the week!

The next day we started with our PADI diving courses! I did the open water certification (my first time diving!) and Sjoerd did the advanced course at dive school ‘Dive and Green’. Within a day our names were changed in ‘Pepe’ & ‘Pepa’ since that was easier to pronounce 😊. During my first dive I found out that I needed medication for my (apparently) quite severe sea sickness. Luckily the medication worked very well and I could enjoy my following dives even more. We had a great time with our instructors Cristian and Andy!

After our certification the weather changed from sunny blue skies to heavy rain all day. It wasn’t too bad and we filled our days reading some books and fixing some last things for our trip. After a great week of diving it was time to say goodbye to Marco and Alicia and say hello to Sapzurro!

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