From Salento we took a direct bus to Medellin. We arrived in the afternoon and didn’t do much for the rest of the day. Next day it was December 31 and during the day we walked around in the El Poblado neighborhood where our hostel (Casa Kiwi) was as well. Poblado is a nice neighborhood with a European feel; lots of fancy bars, shops and restaurants. One of our favorites was ‘Pergamino’, where they serve really good coffee. In the evening lots of restaurants were closed because of New Year’s Eve so we had a simple burger and went to a party in Hostal Selena. We had a great night there, although we kind of missed the counting down at 12 PM and the fireworks.

Next day we took it easy and strolled around El Poblado. We had brunch at Al Alma. In the evening we met with Josephine and Grant who happened to be in Medellin as well! We went to ‘El Mercado del rio’, a place quite similar to ‘the food hallen’ in Amsterdam with delicious food and wine.

The day after we went for a ‘free walking tour’ with ‘real city tours’. We walked for about 4 hours through downtown Medellin and learned more about the violent history of the city and how they managed to turn it around. It was a well organized, interesting and fun tour! After the tour we took a cable car to ‘Santa Domingo’, one of the less developed areas of Medellin. From the cable car you have a beautiful view over the town and the cable car has improved the neighborhood itself as well: it provides the people with a connection to Medellin’s metro system, for only a few pesos. It makes Medellin accesible for them and creates chances for the people outside their own neighborhood.

We enjoyed our time in Medellin, even though we mainly relaxed and tried out the coffee bars and restaurants 🙂 Besides ‘Pergamino’ we had great breakfast/lunch at ‘Al Alma’ and ‘Mundo Verde’ and we enjoyed a tasty steak for dinner at ‘Burdo’. Our hostel, Casa Kiwi, was relaxed; it had a pool table, roof top terrace and hammocks and our private room was actually pretty quiet!

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