From Medellin we went on a day trip to ‘Piedra del Peñol’ and Guatapé. In Medellin we took the metro to the northern bus terminal, from where lots of buses leave to Guatapé. After around 2 hours we arrived at Piedra del Peñol; you can reach the top by climbing a staircase with 659 steps and from there you have a stunning view over the surrounding archipelago. However, during the climb up the rock, we were accompanied by 4389 (maybe less, maybe more…) Colombian tourists resulting in one big ‘traffic jam’ on the stairs which ruined the experience a bit…

After we returned from the crowded rock we took a bus for about 5 minutes to Guatapé. A small touristic town with bright colored houses. Fun to walk around but honestly not that interesting. We did have a nice lunch (yeah!) at ‘Donde Sam’. From Guatapé we took the bus back to Medellin again.

To sum up: it was fine to go here since we had an extra day in Medellin, but we weren’t sure it was really worth the effort (mainly because of all the other tourists).

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