Bienvenidos a Colombia

From San Cristobal (Galapagos) we flew to Quito. We arrived there in the evening and slept at hospedaje Tanpu, which was perfect because it had great beds, lovely breakfast and was close to bus terminal Carcelen.
In the morning we took a bus to Tulcan (6 hours). In Tulcan you can take a taxi to the place at the border (15 minutes), called Rumichaca. Here you have to get your exit stamp of Ecuador, cross a little bridge and get your entrance stamp of Colombia. Unfortunately on the Saturday before Christmas there were sooooo many people who wanted to cross the border so we ended up standing in line for 5 hours!

After having ‘fun’ at the border we were ready for Colombia! We took a taxi to Ipiales (5 minutes) and decided to continue our trip directly to Cali. Our legs were a bit sore from the long time standing in line so we we’re almost looking forward to a night bus of 12 hours 😊 The full cama seats in the night bus (company: ‘Supertaxi’) were fine and 24 hours after leaving Quito we arrived in Cali!

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