Quilotoa loop

After we visited the Cotopaxi we drove to the Quilotoa loop. We entered via the north side and the road was pretty good, except for some speed bumps that were a little too high for our tiny rental cars. Besides some cows blocking the way, the ride went smooth.

We booked two nights at ‘Black sheep inn’, an ecological guest house close to Chugchilan. This place is a little different with its compost toilets and outside showers, but it’s really cozy with lots to do and great biological meals. The area around the guest house is one big playing field; we spent the afternoon playing frisbee golf in a field full of lamas. Afterwards we enjoyed some home made cookies and after dinner we booked the sauna, which was really nice!

The next day we took a taxi to the Quilotoa lake. The bright green crater lake was stunning!!


From the lake we hiked back to Chugchilan. A beautiful hike through the authentic Ecuadorian backcountry. The path was a bit challenging once in a while, but totally worth the four hour walk!!

After our hike Mirte and Toon went for some horse riding. The rest of us chilled at the guest house and prepared for our next destination; Baños!

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