After a smooth ride of 2 hours we arrived around 11 a.m. at ‘Cuella de Luna’, our home for the upcoming 2 days at the foot of the Cotopaxi volcano.
After arrival we made friends with the huge Saint Bernard dogs that lived here, especially with our favorite Carlo (the biggest one). We had some lunch and in the afternoon we went for a hike. The intention was to go up to the Santa Cruz mountain, but because the explanation of the route didn’t exactly match the reality we had to go back after 2 hours (the path we were taking stopped). Besides that it was really cloudy (no good views at all) and it started to rain…a bit disappointing!

The next day we wanted to go to the Cotopaxi national park but unfortunately the weather was really bad; cloudy and lots of rain. We decided to chill at the hotel and try again the next day, when the weather forecast was better. We spend the day reading books at the fire place, we played with the dogs, walked through the huge garden of the hotel to see the horses, lamas, ducks and turkeys and did some preparations for the rest of our trip. We had dinner at the hotel and hoped for some better weather the day after!

When we woke up it was al grey outside… nevertheless we drove to the National Park and just hoped it would get better. You can enter Cotopaxi national park with your own car (even if it’s a really tiny Chevrolet Spark), drive to Limpiopungo lake and to the parking lot at 4500 m from where you can hike to the base camp. When we arrived at Limpiopungo lake the clouds disappeared a bit and we had a nice walk with sometimes a little view of the snowy peak of the Cotopaxi. When we drove higher up the mountain, it was a bit of a challenge with our car. With some maneuvers we made it to the parking lot. There we waited untill the rain stopped and we were lucky! After the rain the sky got a little more clear: we saw the icy summit and had a great view over the lake we just visited.

On our way back we had lunch in the park, picked up our bags at the hostel and continued our journey to the Quilotoa loop!

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