Our first day in Quito we spend walking around in The Mariscal neighborhood; a vibrant part of the city with lots of shops, bars & restaurants and the nice Parque El Ejido.

The second day we woke up with a clear blue sky and went to the ‘Telefériqo’; a sky tram which goes up to 4050m. At the top you have a stunning view over the city and the volcanoes surrounding it.

Afterwards we went to the old town and saw why this is a Unesco World Heritage Site; the Plaza Grande with the Cathedral, La Compañía de Jesús with all the golden decorations, Plaza Santa Domingo, Plaza del Teatro and the imposing Basílica del Vito Nacional were all beautiful.

On our third day we visited Capilla del hombre, showcasing the paintings of the famous Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín. Unfortunately the museum was closed because of a Vegan festival (we didn’t expect to see this in Ecuador since most restaurants don’t serve super healthy food 😊). We tried some fruit juices and vegan beetroot cake and chilled in the sun in the afternoon!

We stayed three nights at the Cayman hotel in the Mariscal neighborhood which was great! Super friendly staff, good breakfast and a nice garden.
Some good lunch spots were ‘Cafetaria Fabiolita’ at Plaza Grande and ‘La union’, a bakery close to our hotel. ‘Crepes and waffles’ is the perfect place to go for some great pancakes!

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