Bienvenidos a Ecuador

Our family had already arrived in Ecuador while we were in Mancora, to spend two days in Quito with the four of them. We planned to take the bus from Mancora (Peru) to Guayaquil (Ecuador), and then take a plane from there to Quito.
However, our bus got stuck and didn’t show up at Mancora…we already booked the plain ticket for the next day though, so we had to find another way to get to Guayaquil.

Together with some other travelers who were suppose to take the bus, we took a cab to the border. One of them was an older man from Argentina, who had travelled all over the world. We were so happy with this native Spanish ‘tour guide’ , who collected all the information about the border crossing that we needed!

After two hours we reached the border immigration office, got our stamps (after they made us pay extra for being 2 days “too long” in the country) and then the taxi dropped us at the border town Aguas Verde. We walked through a crowded market, crossed the border by foot (at least the sign said ‘welcome to Ecuador’) and then reached the local bus station from ‘Cifa’ (people were staring at us since they probably hardly see any tourists there). There we had to wait for over two hours before the bus to Guayaquil left.

The bus took forever to reach Guayaquil. They stopped for a long time at the border (apparently you cross another one by car). Surprisingly no one wanted to check our passports but they kept on getting luggage in and out the bus, which made the local people in the bus running around nervously. Two bags were left out and two crying ladies were not allowed in the bus anymore and were left at the border…

After that a lot of stops followed, and every time we needed to keep an eye on our luggage. During the bus ride, the hotel we booked in Guayaquil cancelled our room since they had no water and electricity…this was not our lucky day!

We reached Guayaquil at midnight and luckily the bus terminal had WiFi so we could book another hotel. We slept at ‘Casa del Rio Guayas’, which was fine. After a short night, the next day we were happy that we made it to our plane to Quito! From Quito airport everything went smooth again and within an hour we were at the hotel were we saw our parents & sister. The bad luck was over and now we are ready for our Ecuador adventure!

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