From Arequipa we flew to Lima. In Lima we we’re going to have dinner at ‘Central’, a restaurant we knew from the “Chef’s table” documentary.

Since Lima is the culinary capital of Peru we decided to make this city trip all about food&drinks ;). A big thanks to Louisa (a friend of Sera&Harry) who gave us some brilliant tips about where to get the best coffee, breakfast, fresh juices with spectacular views, etc!

In Lima we explored Miraflores and Barranco, two of Lima’s nicest neighborhoods. We had an affordable but very clean and spacious guest house in Miraflores (‘Miraflores Guest House’) so this was the neighborhood we started with;

We began our culinary weekend at ‘Edo’, where we had the best sushi ever!
The next morning we had breakfast with some great coffee at ‘Aromia’ and later we enjoyed some fresh mango juice with a great beach view at ‘Buena vista cafe’.
We strolled along the coast line of Miraflores and in the afternoon we visited Parque Kennedy, where some oldies were enjoying their Sunday afternoon with some salsa dancing! After watching some dance moves we had a pulled pork sandwich at ‘La lucha’ and walked around in the Larcomar shopping center. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant ‘Don Vito’, which was a little disappointing (some of the restaurants we actually wanted to visit were closed on sundays so this was bad luck).

The next day we went to Barranco, a relaxed neighborhood with lots of nice places. We had breakfast at ‘Pan, sal, aire’ and later we had some kickass coffee (Marzocco espresso machine) at ‘Tostaduria Bisetti’. We enjoyed the sun, the nice streets and buildings of Barranco and had delicious ice cream at ‘Blu’.

In the evening it was time for our highlight… dinner at Central! We had the 17-course elevation menu and it was spectaculair! Some examples of the amazing dishes we had: a crispy sweet potato leaf, a special kind of bread with the best butter we ever tasted, the combination of fish with melon, 4 different kinds of corn mixed together in a tasty dish and fresh juice of medicinal plants.

The combination of structures, flavors and presentation was outstanding and we enjoyed and admired every course. The sommelier gave us some great South American wines to accompany the food. We didn’t take a complete wine arrangement, since there were 17 dishes 🙂
The only tiny remark we had was that there were a few, strong flavors in some dishes that were a bit too intense for us. Minor detail though in this wonderful culinary experience!!

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