Lake Titicaca

From La Paz we took the bus to Copacabana, a town based at the Bolivian side of lake Titicaca. The bus drive took about 4 hours, including a pass with the ferry; busses on the big ferry and all the passengers on a smaller boat. We booked the bus with Diana tours, but all the bus companies looked quite the same.
In the afternoon we walked around in the small city of Copacabana, visited the Cathedral and had a great lunch at hotel La Cupula; a place with a relaxed atmosphere because of the big garden with hang mats and alpaca’s walking around. We slept at Hotel Utama, basic but fine.

The next morning we took the boat to Isla del Sol, which took about two hours. You can buy a boat ticket in any shop in the Main Street of Copacabana, eventually everyone ends up in the same boat.
We decided to stay overnight at Isla del Sol (in hostal Jallala) so we brought all of our stuff. We knew we had to go a bit uphill to reach the town of Yumani, but didn’t realize how tough 30 minutes hiking on altitude was with full baggage.. After this warming up we walked around on the southern part of the island (since several months the North of the island cannot be reached anymore due to conflicts between the locals). We had a beautiful walk and mainly enjoyed all the animals we came across. The actual endpoint of our walk – the ruins of “Pilko Kaina” – we’re quite disappointing. We had lunch and dinner at a small restaurant close to our hostal. The town was pretty abandoned in the evening so we chose whatever was open. Next morning we hiked back to the harbor and walked down the Inca Stairs to reach our boat to Copacabana. Here we had just enough time to enjoy a lunch in the sun and afterwards we headed back to La Paz again by bus.


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