Salar de Uyuni & around

From Potosi we took the bus to Uyuni. A four hour drive without any planned stops. If you needed to go to the toilet you could knock on the drivers door, he stopped the bus and you could pee next to the bus… No water drinking for me during this ride! We took the same bus as a Dutch couple (Sanne & Sven) who we met the day before. We had talked about the benefits of a custom made Uyuni tour of 4 days (instead of the regular 3) which is only possible for a group of 6 people. In Uyuni we decided to go for it; we found a great 4 day tour at a company called Quechua Connection and we were determined to find 2 more people. After chasing some tourists we found a nice German couple (Robin & Sabrina) who wanted to join us on our custom tour. Our group was complete and thanks to our guide Enrique and driver Omar we had a really great tour.

The highlights of our tour:

  • Day one: mountain biking on Salar de Uyuni, climb Isla Incahuasi with a stunning view, watch the sunset.
  • Day two: climb active volcano Iruputunku; we started at 4100m and climbed up to 5100m (only possible with turtle pace while chewing some coca leaves…), afterwards we chilled in natural hot springs.
  • Day three: visit some beautiful lakes with lots of flamingos.
  • Day four: visit the geysers and on our way back to Uyuni we climbed a rock which hided an amazing green field full of lamas.

Check out our first video:

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