We spend our first three days in Bolivia in Sucre; a really nice, peaceful town with beautiful white buildings everywhere. The central point is ‘Plaza mayo’ where a lot of the Sucre citizens hang out. The plaza is surrounded by a beautiful cathedral, white churches and ‘Casa de libertad’; a museum explaining the Bolivian history including the signed Declaration of Independence (1825).
One side of Sucre is uphill, we had lunch here at ‘Cafe gourmet mirador’ with a beautiful view over the city. Height kicked in again for me, so we took some rest in the afternoon. In the evening we had a nice dinner at a cozy place called ‘La Pasada’. Next day we strolled around in Parque Bolivar and had a long walk to ‘El Huerto’ for a great lunch in their garden.
We’ll spend the upcoming days in Potosí and Salar de Uyuni!

Some fun facts about Bolivia so far:

  • lots of really crappy cars wrapped with stickers all over it
  • Lots of abandoned dogs who will follow you around all day. They’re kind of cute but it gets a little annoying after a few hours. We’ve had one dog following us for two days…
  • People’s phones are on the highest volume and they all play videos/music without noticing that people around them are annoyed (or maybe it was just us)


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