Bienvenidos a Bolivia

After a great weekend in Atlanta we had 24 hours of traveling ahead of us before we would reach our final destination; Sucre, Bolivia. And… It actually all went quite well! We spent the night at Lima (Peru) airport at the Starbucks with lots of other travelers and in the morning we continued to La Paz (Bolivia). We had a good flight and our backpacks made it to La Paz as well so we were happy! After a couple of minutes the height kicked in and we we’re so glad we already decided to leave La Paz directly and acclimatize in Sucre instead. Two hours later (with loads of water and really slow walking) we headed to Santa Cruz where we had to transit for our final flight to Sucre. We arrived in Sucre just before dark and had a really nice taxi driver to the city center. We learned him some English “hello, do you need a taxi to the city” in trade for a quick Spanish update 🙂
For the next 2 days we are staying at a great hostel called ‘Casa Verde’ and after a hot shower we had dinner at ‘Joy ride cafe’. Then we collapsed and had a great 12 hours sleep! More of Sucre will follow! — Gaia


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